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Bacchanalia Camp-Out Schedule

The Organizers for the Bacchanalia will be offering the following for the weekend:

Friday Night

Opening Ritual - to provide context and continuity to the event and to serve as a reminder that first and foremost, this is a spiritual event.

Bacchanalia Introduction - a workshop explaining the history and purpose of the Bacchanalia and how it fits into the overall Greco-Roman world view historically and in modern society.

Sacred Touch: Outer Court. This is an introduction to Sacred Touch, the first part of three rituals designed to empower each person sexually and also establish equality, inclusion and cooperation as pillars of the community. There will be nudity and sexual touching. Your participation is entirely consensual.

Invocation of Euhios Daemon, the God of Ecstasy. Unleashing the power of Dionysus as God of Ecstasy into the fire circle.


Main Rite. Sometime Saturday evening, preferably, completely unleashing the power of Bacchanalia. And remember, like Las Vegas, what happens at Bacchanalia stays at Bacchanalia.

This is optional at this point, but strongly considering a performance of Grand Guignol, an on-stage presentation of some dark mystery. Not for the squeamish or faint of heart, but steeped in the sacred lore of all ancient cultures and various Goddesses and Gods of Shadow.

Also just possible at this point, working with the energies of power animals and shape shifting, a primer in certain shamanic arts and unleashing your primal energy. This isn't some white light and lotus blossom, tofu-eating, tree hugging, bunny slipper wearing New Age (rhymes with SewAge) experience. This is tapping into the energies of Nature's Children

Closing Ritual - not a rite to be skipped. We'll be pulling out the Spirit Bottle and sharing a rite designed to bond us together for the future, a beautiful and bittersweet rite that will hopefully remain with you for a very long time.


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