Our Haven Nature Sanctuary


Our Haven Nature Sanctuary has hot showers, limited electricity, a sheltered stage, a shelter barn for weather emergencies, fresh drinking water, a skinning dipping creek, port-o-lets, ice, firewood, firepits, hiking trails, and over 175 acres of beautiful deciduous forests and reclaimed fields. You may view a map of Our Haven's grounds and amenities here.


Our Haven has several primitive shelter areas for workshops, performances, and inclement weather. The current public shelter areas include a stage with electricity, a shower area, also with electricity, a pole barn with a small stage, two wood burning stoves, and electricity, a roofed open-air pavilion with electricity, and a tarp-roofed lean-to drum shelter near the main fire.


Our Haven is open to all positive spiritual paths, and there are many dedicated shrine areas on the land. Among these are shrines to Pan, Brigid, Aphrodite, the Ancestral Spirits, and the Great Goddess.


If you arrive early to an Our Haven event there is a very good chance that you will have access to a firepit at your campsite. Many firepits are located in the camping fields at the festival location. You may view a map of Our Haven's grounds here to help you plan your campsite. If you are arriving to an event later you may still have access to the firepits, but may need to share with other later arrivals.


Food vendor available for most Our Haven Sponsored Events. Check individual festival websites for food information. If you are coming to stay when a festival is not happening, we ask that you bring your own food, and enough personal supplies to be self sufficient.


In addition to the shelter areas listed above with electricity, there are a limited number of campsites at Our Haven with access to electric hookups. If you or your group are interested in using one of these sites during a festival please contact Our Haven.

Showers and Fresh Water

There is a co-ed hot water public shower house at Our Haven for general use. Fresh drinking water is available via a pump located near the shower house. A wheelchair accessible shower is also available.

Internet Access

Free Wi-fi internet access is available near the pavilion area.

PA System

Our Haven has a public address system at the pavilion for making announcements to the main field. A great way to make announcements to the without running a herald.

Lighted Pavilion

The pavilion now has installed lights and ceiling fans for evening workshops.

Cell Phone Service

Our Haven is located in a deeply rural area in a valley, and cell phones rarely work on the main field. Some cell phone service providers are more likely to have signal at the festival location than others, and occasionally cell phone signal is stronger in the High Pasture. The most reliable place for celluar phone service near Our Haven is at the turn off of North Hillham Road onto Spencer Hollow Road.

Clothing Optional

There are designated clothing-optional areas of Our Haven year-round. Clothing optional means just that -- clothing is optional. You don't have to be nude or skyclad to visit the area, but please be aware that other people may be. As a result, children under the age of 18 are not allowed in the clothing optional area without parental supervision. Some festivals may be entirely clothing optional. Please check the festival websites for details. Please remember that nudity is not an invitation to touch, nor does it imply consent in any way. Please be courteous and respectful of other people's space. Harrassment will not be tolerated. Also, we reccommend that you plan you clothing, or lack thereof, with the weather in mind! The weather may become hot, wet, or chilly.


Weather is notoriously unpredictable in Southern Indiana, but past experience has taught us that you should plan for all types of weather: hot & dry, hot & wet, cold & dry, and cold & wet. Be sure that your tent/shelter is waterproofed, and dress in layers. Bring an extra towel! For the most accurate forecast and local conditions, please see our weather magnet below.





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