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The Articles of Our Haven

We, Mary Ellen Thomas & Manelqua, the two Presiding Elders & Founders of Our Haven, have stated the concept of OUR HAVEN in many ways. We now, with the approval of our COUNCIL of ELDERS, state what we agreed to in August, 1999 in the form of ARTICLES.

Included in this document is the following clarification:

The DEED to the 175 acres is to remain in the name of Mary Ellen Thomas as Sole Proprietor, open to membership, until such time as she, or her beneficiaries, choose otherwise.

In August of 1999 we agreed on the following:

  1. Named the land OUR HAVEN
  2. Dedicated the land to the concept of ALL Positive Paths and Lifestyles living in harmony
  3. Invited Representatives of ANY Positive Path or Lifestyle to submit a proposal to establish a circle on the land as a place of Worship
  4. A limited number will establish a Community on the land as Caretakers
  5. [a] The responsibility of the Caretakers will be to maintain the land in the form of a Haven/Sanctuary
    [b] Haven/Sanctuary, to be defined as a safe place for ALL inhabitants approved by the COUNCIL of ELDERS, including animals.
  6. Funds to maintain OUR HAVEN will be raised by:
    [a] membership dues
    [b] gatherings (pow-wows, retreats, etc.)
    [c] workshops (other than those held at gatherings)
  7. Members, in return for dues, will be given:
    [a] free day use for designated areas
    [b] discounts to GATHERINGS
    [c] overnight use at designated rates and sites
  8. Waivers & Agreements to abide by these Articles will be signed by ALL who use the land
  9. The GOAL of OUR HAVEN is to teach Harmonious Living of Positive Paths
  10. Guidelines to be written & approved by the COUNCIL & at that time to become part of these Articles
    Visit Guidelines of Our Haven for more info.

In Love, Trust, & Peace

Mary Ellen Thomas & Manelqua


Our Haven Nature Sanctuary LLC

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