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Fire Tender & Wood Buster Barters

Fire barters must pre-register as a work barter no less than two weeks before the festival they are bartering into begins. Must also have a Our Haven Membership. Fire barters are required to do a minimum of 4 shifts during the festival, preferably arranged as 2 build/bust shifts and 2 fire tending shifts. Shifts cannot be guaranteed, and are subject to change, so always check posted schedule on arrival and thoughout the festival.

All new fire tenders must be sponsored by a current Our Haven approved fire tender and must be approved by Our Haven to receive work barter for entrance.

All barters must be rested, sober, in full required equipment, and physically capable to handle their assigned shift. If a barter fails to show for shift, or is found unfit to complete their shift(s), they are subject for removal from the festival, or subject to festival fees as decided by a festival organizer or an authorized Our Haven representative.


All fire tenders must wear required safety equipment. Optional garments may be required due to size of fire and limitations of the festival.

Required Safety Equipment:

  • Pants, as non-flammable as possible (Jeans Preferred)
  • Boots
  • Welding Gloves
  • Safety Radio (Pit Boss)
  • Emergency Contact Card (Pit Boss)

Optional Safety Equipment:

  • Shirt, as non-flammable as possible (Natural Fibers Preferred)
  • Leather Jacket
  • Head wear (Leather Preferred)
  • Red Suspenders

4 scheduled shifts per day

Pit Boss Decides -9PM
1st Shift
2nd Shift
3rd Shift

Our Haven Fire Tender Mentor System

18 and over Mentor System: New fire barters must wood bust and tend fires under the supervision of an Our Haven sponsored fire tender for at least one festival (4 full shifts). After the completion of 4 full shifts, the tender may barter into other Our Haven festivals under the supervision of any Our Haven fire tender. After the new fire tender has shown that they can handle the responsibility of holding a fire barter position safely and competently they will be authorized as an Our Haven fire tender and will no longer require supervision as a fire barter. Our Haven authorized fire barters may also be eligible to Pit Boss a shift.

Our Haven Fire Tender Terms to Know

Wood Chuck: A fire tender in training under the age of 18 years. Wood Chucks are authorized, under supervision, to Wood Bust and Fire Tend. A Wood Chuck's primary duties are assisting in the beautification of a build and passing water during a burn. Wood Chucks are strapped with Red Suspenders with strips of white tape.

Wood Buster: A person authorized to collect wood from Our Haven land, and to build nightly community bonfires. Wood Busters have demonstrated competence, safety and proficency in the use of chainsaws, and the felling of trees.

Fire Tender: Authorized to tend fires and wood bust at Our Haven. May be assigned to be a Pit Boss for a shift.

Pit Boss: Fire tender who is responsible for a shift around an Our Haven bonfire. The pit boss may be assisted by other fire tenders depending on size of the fire and the requirements of the festival.

Head Fire Tender: A Fire Tender appointed by Our Haven Elders to be held responsible for all aspects of safety and entertainment in regard to fires over the size of a campfire at Our Haven.

Fire Performer: An authorized Fire Performer who has met all safety requirements at Our Haven.

Fire Safety: A person who will “Spot” for a fire performer and be within a safe distance to notify and help the fire performer to extinguish any uncontrolled flames for the safety of the performer and audience. Gloves and a wet towel (Preferred) are needed for this duty.

Contact the Our Haven Fire Tender & Wood Buster Coordinator

Head Firetender



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